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  1. Volkssport and social engagement

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    2012/11/30 by grahamfawcett2012

    One of the walking clubs that I am a member of has decided to engage itself with the broader community …
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  2. Beyond the usual approaches to publicity

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    2012/11/27 by grahamfawcett2012

    There is a variety of possible approaches to marketing and membership development: The immediate term (present & ongoing): the easiest …
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  3. OK, it’s your turn now ….

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    2012/11/20 by grahamfawcett2012

    Here’s chance to make a difference. If we were to start Volkssport all over again, what would you do? What …
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  4. Membership: Defining and meeting the challenge


    2012/11/15 by grahamfawcett2012

    Every volunteer organization has the same, ongoing problem: how and where does it find new members to increase its support, …
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  5. Why Volkssport?

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    2012/11/14 by grahamfawcett2012

    In surveys on daily exercise, Canadians routinely say that walking is their preferred means of maintaining good health and fitness. …
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