A new blog on walking! – I’ve been very fortunate since I decided to become involved in the walking community about 20 years ago. I have met people I would never have otherwise known, been to places I could never have discovered, become involved in various leadership capacities, and hopefully made enough of a difference to help keep the organization going. In this blog, I want to examine what it is that has kept me coming back – the discovery, the new friendships, the involvement in a worthwhile enterprise, not to mention a whole lot of fun, and why it is all so important to me. I also want to reflect upon what has worked in the past, and how we need to adapt to meet present and future challenges.

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  1. Pat Jewett says:

    Please check out my website http://www.allthingswalking.com
    I too am interested in walking and have started my won website with links to all kinds of walking interests.
    I posted your link to my website. Thanks

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