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2012/11/20 by grahamfawcett2012

Mongolian yurts, Northern China

Over the past 5 years, since the 2007 Congress of Delegates in Estonia, the IVV has undergone fundamental change, to the point that it is clearly no longer the same organization it once was. Change is the order of the day, and the momentum and opportunity for change should be carried forward at all levels.

The goals have been to become truly more international, to be more open and transparent, to improve communication with its members, to reduce costs by restructuring, to facilitate change, and to do a better job of promoting Volkssport at all levels. The IVV has made a strong effort to decentralize, a process sometimes also called ‘devolution’. It has been done by design, not by accident.

How and where have these changes occurred? In the past two years, significant and long-term changes have been implemented.

The IVV Constitution: the IVV Statutes, along with the Rules and Regulations, have been completely rewritten to enable the changes, now implemented. These have allowed for the restructuring and the setting of new goals.

The IVV Presidium: whereas the former Presidium consisted of a President, three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer in an effort to create the possibility for equal representation internationally, that did not occur. The Presidium now only counts a single Vice-President along with the other positions that have remain unchanged.

Restructuring: the restructuring of the Presidium has allowed for a restructuring of the IVV itself through the creation of Continental Associations that have direct and guaranteed representation in a ‘United Presidium’, consisting of the 4 members of the  Executive Presidium and one representative from each Continental Association. This ‘United Presidium’ will meet once or more a year to discuss matters of international importance. In these ways, the IVV has become much less Euro-centric and the Continental Associations have a greater degree of autonomy to conduct their affairs according to their particular situations. Three Continental Associations have been created: IVV-Europe, IVV-Asia, and IVV-Americas. Direct financial support for the Continental Associations has been offered to meet any initial costs.

More local and visible promotion of Volkssport: With the creation of the Continental Associations, the Presidium will be able to focus more on promotion at the international level, whereas the Continental Associations will promote their presence and activities more locally. In 2012, IVV-Europe held its first ‘Europiade’ in the border area between Germany and Luxembourg; IVV-Asia held its first ‘Asianpiad’ in Suncheon, South Korea. A second ‘Europiade’ has already been announced for Marostica, Italy and Naturns, South Tyrol from 20-22 June, 2014.

Communications: the IVV web site has been completely redesigned, and still available at the former address ( It will continue to be developed with additional features such as a Discussion Forum in February, 2013. This moderated Forum will reflect the new IVV structure with its Continental Associations, and be open to all visitors, not just Volkssporters using a password for access.

The IVV World Report has been redesigned, with much greater input possible from members at all levels. To be published three or more times annually, it will be part news and part news magazine in order to attract new members.

The IVV news bulletin has also been redesigned. It is now called Just One Minute! and is meant to be short and to the point. It can be easily transmitted, and is also available on the new IVV web site. In the new year, it is intended to publish it monthly, with significant input from members around the world.

Reader surveys are now being used to communicate directly with Volkssport members at all levels. The surveys have already taken several forms, asking for feedback on issues, choices and features of various IVV communications. These surveys are secure and anonymous, and the responses received will have a direct impact on decision-making at the highest level.

The intent of all these initiatives is to make the IVV more open, transparent, supportive and responsive. The way forward for the IVV has been set, with new energy and greater possibilities at all levels. With three new Continental Associations, Olympiads and Congresses of Delegates outside continental Europe in Japan, Turkey, and China, the IVV has clearly become more international.

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Please also visit the IVV web site for up to date information.

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