Random thought 01: Volunteers

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2012/11/16 by grahamfawcett2012

Walking for good health and discovery!

The contribution by volunteers is invaluable, so I take every chance I get to thank them for their part in making an event successful. I find it sad that some people rarely, if ever, volunteer their time. In any volunteer organization, the expectation upon joining it is that one WILL volunteer their time, talents and sometimes even resources. Regularly, if need be. The responsibilities one assumes are not difficult, and I am sure that some form of training and orientation is always available from more experienced members. The membership or participation fees one pays are not a fee for service, they meet the legitimate expenses of the organization. However, the work required to plan, organize, document, verify, execute and manage an event all require volunteers.

Thanks to all of you who give of your time and talents to make every event a success, and a pleasure for those who take part!

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