Why Volkssport?

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2012/11/14 by grahamfawcett2012

An annual two-day walk in rural Ontario

In surveys on daily exercise, Canadians routinely say that walking is their preferred means of maintaining good health and fitness. It doesn’t take much, you don’t even have to do it every day, but walking has been recommended for so many of its hidden benefits: maintaining good health, preventing disease, mood enhancement, and so on. To these benefits, organized walking adds social integration, personal discovery, community involvement, plus opportunities for leadership, skill development, and good citizenship. There is so much that can be derived from organized walking, that one wonders why fewer and fewer people want to do it. What has changed since Volkssport started in 1968 in Europe? Can we get the success of those heady days back? I believe we can, but the old model of Volkssport organization and the status quo are no longer options. The challenge is a complex one, and for that reason there is no single measure that will bring back the successes of the past. We have to define the challenge, think in new ways, find new strategies, set new goals, change our structures, look to other organizations that have undergone new growth and learn from them, find new partners and sponsors, and reach out to prospective new members in ways that we have been unwilling or unable to consider previously.

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